Midland County Public Library Foundation



Who We Are

The Library Foundation supports and enhances projects and programs that encourage lifelong learning through Midland County Public Libraries. As Midland County provides the cake of the library, the foundation provides the icing. The cake consists of employees, buildings, books, etc. or the normal items and programs found at a public library. The icing consists of world-class exhibits, summer reading program incentives, special classes offered to the public free of charge like ukulele classes and sewing classes, and even a movie theater in the library.

These programs and exhibits not only enhance the libraries offerings to the public but it helps promote literacy. Each summer, the library increases their collection of exhibit-related materials. During the summer, those books and materials are checked out at a rate of more than two times the average children’s book.

The foundation provides the programming that brings families into the library, exhibits that provide for free field trips to the library for school-aged children, special speakers that expose our neighbors to the great community resource that is the library, and marketing that shares what is going on at the library and how anyone can get involved. In essence, the library is providing the next chapter of programming.

The Midland County Public Library is able to provide all programming to the public and other organizations free of charge. This allows for local residents to experience world-class exhibits and programs without affecting their pocketbook. The fact that the exhibits and programs are free does not translate to the type of programs being offered. Free symphony concerts at the library, traveling dance groups, Dallas performing artists, international exhibits and speaker series are all provided to the public to help positively affect the quality of place for local citizens. These programs and exhibits do more than entertain. They also bring people into the library who may not have experienced our libraries otherwise.

Bringing people into the library gives them an opportunity to experience the library and see the resources available to them free of charge. From meeting rooms to genealogical services, free computers to story time for children, the library serves the entire community. With the additional funding available for more programming, local residents will experience programs and exhibits that will help combat boredom and summer learning loss. It also helps to encourage literacy, community engagement and provides a sense of community for local residents. The Midland County Public Library Foundation was founded to support programs and projects that encourage lifelong learning through the Midland County Public Libraries. However, the foundation does more than that; it helps to change the perception of what a library is.


MCPL Foundation was formed in December 2012 to help provide an opportunity to help advance the Midland Count Public Library forward in the areas of youth literacy and programs, exhibitions and community outreach. Since it's inception, the library foundation has hosted several exhibits including the Bob Hope exhibit and Arthur's World. Both were widely received by the public. In 2015, after a successful inaugural fundraising campaign, the foundation board of directors hired the first full-time employee, an executive director. In October 2017, the Foundation donated the one millionth dollar toward programs and exhibits of the Midland County Public Libraries. In 2018, the MCPL Foundation created an endowment fund at the Permian Basin Area Foundation.

In 2012, the Midland County Public Library Foundation was formed with one mission: to support and enhance the operations, acquisitions, and funding of projects and programs of the Midland County Public Library System, and to develop endowed investments for the perpetual funding of such activities. Since its inception, the board of directors has seen a need to identify and target objectives for the foundation and not rely solely on the vision and mission of the Midland County Public Library. In 2016, the board of directors approved a strategic plan. During the strategic planning session, the board of directors reworded the mission statement. The new mission is "the Library Foundation supports and enhances projects and programs that encourage lifelong learning through Midland County Public Libraries." The Library Foundation continues its focus on funding the programs and exhibits that enhance the Midland County Public Library and develop the endowment fund.


The geographic area served by the Midland County Public Library Foundation is Midland County and the surrounding counties (Andrews, Ector, Glasscock, Martin, Reagan and Upton).




  • Stephen Robertson
  • Mary Macferran
    Vice President
  • Eric Rose
  • J. Devin Alsup
  • Kelly Brown
  • Emily Goodfellow
  • Katie McBryde
  • Melissa McCabe
  • Tasa Richardson
  • Hugh "Andy" Shaffer
  • Chris Stonedale
    Executive Director
  • Debbie Garza
    Director of Midland County Public Libraries