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Ocean Adventure Augmented Reality

Visitors to Midland County Public Libraries (MCPL) will be able to experience the ocean and its inhabitants this summer through an augmented reality (AR) exhibit opening at the Library at the Plaza (Downtown Library) on May 31. BroadcastAR: Ocean Adventure is an immersive, three-dimensional ocean environment that brings “edutainment” from the big screen to the library floor.


Through equipment provided by UK-based Indestry (INDE), MCPL will use a portion of its large video display wall to create an interactive AR experience that combines real-world and digital content. Visitors within the exhibit space, which is designated by multi-angle cameras, will be able to see, hear and interact with ocean animals in real time. These interactions will be motion-detected and visible on the large screen, using gesture control systems to communicate with the digital characters.


Midland County Public Libraries is excited to host this tech-focused exhibit during its summer reading program, themed “Oceans of Possibilities.” Library visitors are encouraged to sign up for the program and take part in various activities to earn points and win prizes. BroadcastAR: Ocean Adventure is brought to MCPL through support from the FMH Foundation and the Midland County Public Library Foundation. This exhibit is free and open to the public during MCPL’s operating hours through August 30.




Midland County Public Libraries (MCPL) is a department of Midland County consisting of the Downtown Library, Centennial Library, and POLLY, the bookmobile. Visit the library’s website at www.co.midland.tx.us/150/Public-Libraries and follow @tallcitylibraries on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The Downtown Library is located at 301 W. Missouri Ave., Midland, TX 79701. Centennial Library is located at 2503 Loop 250. The libraries are open 10 am to 7 pm Monday through Saturday.

About INDE

One of the first projects for the UK-based company was developing a large-screen AR experience for National Geographic in 2011. Since then, INDE has become a fully integrated Augmented Reality product developer, with more than 200 mobile, kiosk and big-screen AR systems deployed worldwide. Its client roster includes The Smithsonian Institution, The BBC, NBC Universal, 20th Century Fox, WWF and numerous others.